Overview - 유진그룹



The company’s name, “EUGENE,” comes from its philosophy

“有進無限[ju:jinmuhan],” which means boundless development and enterprising spirit. Its official English spelling is EUGENE. The prefix “EU” means “good” and “GENE” refers to the “source of origin.” Combined, the two parts mean “good gene,” or “something made with the right ingredients.”

First Dreamer – Dreaming of a Better Tomorrow

Founded in 1954, EUGENE has expanded its business horizons to various fields over the past 60 years, transforming itself into one of Korea’s remarkable mid-size conglomerates. In order to get to where it is today, EUGENE has always stepped up to the challenge of chasing new adventures through constant innovation. EUGENE is now on an ambitious new road that will ultimately allow it to reach its vision, “Great Innovation, Great Company,” which reflects its core values of being proactive, creative and reliable

Smart Challenger – Sustainable Growth Through Innovation

With a focus on construction materials, EUGENE is creating a synergy by expanding to various business sectors including finance, logistics, public-good business, leisure and entertainment as well as environment and energy.

Great Master – Turning dreams into reality

EUGENE established a stable business structure with long-term insights and joined the ranks of comprehensive business groups by nurturing creative talents and practicing management by principle. EUGENE will continue its endeavor to become a centennial great master who leads the global economy.

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