Chairman - 유진그룹



Great Innovation, Great Company

EUGENE’s dream begins now.

Greetings, my honorable customers!
Amid the uncertainty that casts a shadow over the competitive business environment, EUGENE has always taken on new challenges and looked for new possibilities, consistently expanding its horizon from its primary business of ready-mixed concrete (RMC) to finance, lottery, logistics and leisure/entertainment.
Instead of remaining complacent with its current standing, EUGENE is expanding its business to related areas while actively marching towards overseas markets. This will allow it to make another leap forward in order to become a better company. Additionally, we jumped into a new arena, a technology-based business sector, that will help us identify mid-to-long-term growth engines. These are testaments to the fact that EUGENE has been transforming itself into a more solid company that boasts a variety of business structures.
EUGENE is now standing at a critical juncture and it is ready to begin a new chapter. Because our society holds increasingly high expectations for businesses, the corporate sector has to adapt and take on additional responsibilities. In response, EUGENE is committed to enterprise-wide innovation under the new vision of “Great Innovation, Great Company.”
EUGENE has put forth a tremendous effort to reinvent itself through unwavering passion, a progressive mindset that is ahead of the current times, creative ideas that differentiate it from its competitors and a trust-based corporate culture that enables free communication among the members of the company. Building on these foundations, EUGENE is now taking another step towards the future, a step that will allow the company to completely reinvent key corporate elements including its business structure, its corporate culture, its management system and its human capital.
We are determined to become a company that satisfies not only our customers but also all relevant stakeholders including our employees, our clients, our vendors and our shareholders. Over the last 60 years, EUGENE has marched forward with the spirit of 有進無限[ju:jinmuhan] without being afraid of change. Its tireless quest for innovation will continue over the next 60 years. Moving forward, EUGENE will take off and become one of the world’s leading companies.
Thank you.
Yu Kyung-sun
Chairman of EUGENE Group

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