Our Philosophy - 유진그룹


Management Philosophy



Elements of Talents desired by EUGENE
The members of EUGENE should always use their expertise to look for new paths and strive towards the growth of the company without being afraid of change

Contribution to


Company Philosophy
A company should recognize that is a member of society. Through the pursuit of its interests, it should strive to make all members of society happy, including management, employees, customers and shareholders, going beyond the simple pursuit of private interest.

Creation of

New Values

Pursued Values
Corporate activities are creating new values. The pursued values are not temporary, but they shall create and develop stable and consistent virtuous cycles.

Core Values



EUGENE has achieved outstanding performance through passion and adventure. EUGENE is using passion and far-sighted perspective to pursue the best in every sector, securing an overwhelming competitiveness and shooting for the best possible results.


EUGENE’s creativity and expertise have been nurtured through hard contemplation, by constantly rising up to new challenges and by making collective efforts to overcome hardships and crises. Based on its understanding and experiences of the past and the present, EUGENE is creating an enabling environment for creative business management and the development of human resources in order to make a better future.


EUGENE has resolved crises and conflicts through mutual understanding. It aims to create a synergy between all parties that it comes in contact with through an open-minded approach. It also aims to respect diversity while working for the happiness of all stakeholders including employees, management, customers, markets and society as a whole.

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