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Eugene is the number one company in the sectors of local RMC and basic construction materials. Boasting the largest West Seoul RMC plant, Eugene Corp. & Tongyang Inc. have built a RMC distribution network throughout the country and is at the forefront of the RMC market based on eco-friendly products, advanced equipment, and a thorough quality management system.

Eugene Corp. is leading the way in RMC technologies by intensively investEugene’s RMC business has been focusing on the evelopment of eco-friendly products, becoming the first in the industry to acquire “the certification of Low Carbon Products” in 2018. It is leading the way in RMC technologies by making continuous investments to secure the best technologies in special concrete such as low-heat/high-strength concrete. Its 46 RMC plants, 220 sales representatives, and 1,500 vehicles enable it to provide high-quality services to its customers.

In addition, it has introduced its own facilities and product quality management system (EURAS) in RMC plants to supply high-quality RMC to customers regardless of time and space. Moreover, it runs a sand wharf in Incheon as well as Paju Quarrying Complex and Gongju Quarrying Complex to ensure that excellent raw materials are supplied and managed in a proper way.

Eugene Corp. is practicing its “Quality First” policy by developing and producing eco-friendly and high-quality products, thereby promoting harmony between nature and humans. It has been concentrating on the development of eco-friendly technologies ahead of other companies in the field of ASCON products, with its securing of technologies for producing ASCON with higher durability and “mid-temperature ASCON” receiving much attention as a solution for eco-friendly pavement. Meanwhile, it produces high-quality ASCON by storing aggregates in a separate storage (silo) to maintain a consistent particle size and to prevent other aggregates in different sizes or foreign substances from entering. It is also equipped with a temporary storage facility to timely respond to small delivery requests.

Mobile-based order-management/sales system (M-EUSALES)

M-EUSALES allows for external access to the system, enabling employees to handle the entire sales-related process, including receiving and placing orders, selling and shipping products, and collecting payments, in an environment that is identical to that of an offline office.

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The production cost and quality of RMC and ASCON heavily depend on the quality and supply of aggregates, which are the main material. Eugene operates the Paju Quarrying Complex (production capacity: 23 million m³) and a sand pier (production CPAP: 250 m³/year), which contribute to the stabilization of aggregate supply in the metropolitan area suffering from chronic aggregate shortage. Moreover, Eugene guarantees a stable supply of aggregates in Chungcheong Province and southern regions through the operation of the Gongju Quarrying Complex (production capacity: 14 million m³) and the Sejong Crusher (yearly production: 360 thousand m³), and serves as the growth engine for the construction material industry.

Construction Materials

Eugene Corp. : Sand Pier, Admixtures,Paju Quarrying Complex, Gongju Quarrying Complex
Tongyang Inc. : Busan Aggregate Plant, West Buan Aggregate Plant

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Distribution of Construction Materials

With the establishment of the construction material business team in July 2013, Eugene Corp. took its first step as a company distributing a comprehensive range of construction materials. It offers a stable supply of high-quality construction materials based on its trust and knowledge in quality management accumulated through its 30 years of experience in supplying basic construction materials, such as RMC and ASCON, to medium- and large-size domestic construction companies. It is also achieving continuous growth by creating synergy through the network with its subsidiary, Tongyang.

Beginning with the distribution of steel in 2013, Eugene’s construction material distribution business has successfully diversified its composition of products, ranging from structural materials, including section steel, pile, cement, dry mortar, thermal insulation material, and board, to interior/exterior materials such as tile, sanitary ware, bathtub, furniture, window/door, and paint. Through continuous efforts to expand its business, its revenue, which recorded KRW 11.5 billion in 2013, jumped to KRW 200 billion in 2018, achieving a remarkable pace of growth within five years.

Eugene offers a one-stop service for supplying a comprehensive range of construction materials to its customers from basic materials, such as RMC and steel reinforcement, to finishing materials such as gypsum board and tiles. About 220 highly renowned sales representatives of 46 business sites nationwide make on-site visits to provide construction materials tailored to the needs of each customer. Through business partnerships with around 300 construction material manufacturers, it supplies key construction materials necessary at a wide variety of construction sites, from large-scale plants to mid- to small-size sites. Moreover, Eugene is capable of sourcing quality products requested by customers at a reasonable price anywhere in the world including the United States, China, and Europe.

Eugene Corp. and Tongyang have achieved remarkable progress in creating an ecosystem where large-size companies and SMEs can enjoy co-prosperity. They have successfully served as a bridge between mid- to small-size manufacturers that face difficulties in selling products to large-size construction companies and construction companies that refrain from using products from small businesses. Going forward, Eugene Corp. and Tongyang will continue to offer various services to consumers while providing high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Distributed Construction Material Products

Steel reinforcement, Section steel, PHC pile, Cement, Dry mortar, Thermal insulation material, Board, Brick, Block, Prefab material, Waterproof material, Lumber, Sanitary fixture, Bathtub, Tile, Flooring material, Furniture, Home appliance, Window/Door, Winter fuel, Paint, Ceiling material, Wire mesh, Steel pipe, Steel sheet, Stone, Lighting, Cable, etc.

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Based on the construction technique and knowledge gained from its 30 years of experience in construction sites, Eugene launched its home remodeling and construction brand, “Home Day”, in 2016. Home Day offers a one-stop shopping experience to customers by offering all kinds of products related to home interior. It is an advanced business model receiving much attention in the domestic home interior sector and achieving solid growth.

Home Day has been differentiating its business by providing one-on-one design consultation by professional interior designers as well as direct management and supervision by construction professionals, thereby pursuing perfection in the completion of all types of interior spaces, from high-end residential spaces to office spaces for practical use. It has gained a high level of trust from customers by introducing a two-year after-care guarantee service through direct contracts with the customers to manage interior construction and maintenance issues that consumers often complain about at existing interior stores.

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Ace Home Center

Ace Home Center is a home-improvement store that helps consumers to conveniently shop for all kinds of products needed to repair and maintain living spaces such as homes, offices, and business establishments. Home improvement refers to the overall work of enhancing spaces through repair and refurbishment. Ace Home Center is leading the domestic market through its partnership with Ace Hardware, which is a global leader in the home-improvement business.

Ace Home Center sells around 40,000 products, encompassing all types of goods necessary for home and professional use in living spaces. Through differentiated services, such as neat display, transparent pricing policy, and expert consultation, it is drawing great attention as an advanced model of retail stores.

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Integrated Material Distribution Business

Eugene is implementing an integrated purchasing strategy for materials (equipment materials, vehicle / equipment materials, general goods, test equipment, additives, etc.) required in the process of operating the ready-mixed concrete, asphalt concrete, and aggregate businesses. It is carrying out a professional distribution business applied to the relevant industry based on its accumulated know how in integrated purchasing and big data. It can provide integrated purchasing solutions by analyzing a customer’s purchase type, suggesting a direction, supplying quality products in a timely manner, and managing performance. Moreover, EUPROS, the company’s own purchasing program, allows a customer to make an efficient purchase. In addition, customers can improve the integrated materials’ purchasing process by sharing big data.

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Hanil Synthetic Fiber has been leading the textile industry in Korea since 1964. It has produced acrylic fiber, one of the top 3 chemical fibers, for the first time in Korea. In 1973, it was the first company in the country to be awarded the “Top 100 Million Dollar Export Tower.” Regarding the acrylic fiber business, “HANILON,” an acrylic fiber produced by its Indonesian production plant, “ELEX,” a functional special textile, “HANILON AB+,” which has a semipermanent antibacterial function, and “SHIELDPIA,” which has flame retardancy and an antibacterial function, are directly exported and sold in the local company , drawing a positive response from customers at home and abroad.

“HANIBON, SUPERBON” from the span bond business division, produced at the Gyeongnam Uiryeong Plant, are filament fabric which is a substitute for paper, film, and woven fabrics and used for various purposes, that is, from daily supplies to industrial applications. Having developed Pororo Care brand recently, it has been expanding its business boundaries and leading the Korean textile industry by continually developing new markets at home and abroad, as well as high value-added items based on its rich sales and production know-how.

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Infrastructure Engineering

Based on more than 50 years of experience and technologies for designing and making products that comply with international standards, Eugene’s plant business accounts for the largest share in the Korean industrial fan business through its technical partnership with leading global companies.

As the environmental facility business, it has secured advanced environmental technologies from outside the country and built its business area systematically. It has localized all technologies of air pollution control equipment based on its continuous R&D and ample experience in construction.

The R&D Center is securing its competitiveness by maximizing limited energy. Eugene will contribute to the development of the local plant industry by providing differentiated products and services and lead the market through customer satisfaction management.

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Construction Services

Eugene has been implementing various projects in the construction business, covering housing, building, engineering, leisure, plant, etc., based on its ample experiences and technologies built within the last five decades. The housing business represented by the brand N’PART creates a next-generation residential space where people and nature are in harmony. It is handling various housing projects, including apartment buildings to redevelopment, reconstruction, high-end residence and townhouses, and has specialized in construction.

Eugene AMC was established in December 2013 to preemptively respond to the public awareness on housing that consider a house from “as something that you own” to “something that you live in.” Its main business includes the lease of 139 units of Eugene Swell Apartment and 18 stores located in Ilsan Seo-gu, Goyang City, as well as the management of Eugene Building in Yeouido, Pocheon and Jangseong Golf Clubs and other real estates. It will grow into a comprehensive real estate management company in the future based on its achievements

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