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Eugene Investment & Securities

Since its foundation in 1954, Eugene Investment & Securities has been providing financial product services and corporate financial services with the ultimate objective of increasing values for its customers. By solidifying its business foundations, such as brokerage and IB, and increasing its competitiveness in asset management, Eugene Investment & Securities has placed itself in a leading position among mid-size securities firms

After forming a business partnership with Aizawa Securities in 2009, Eugene Investment & Securities signed comprehensive business MOUs with Indonesia’s Valbury Securities and Thailand’s Aira Securities in 2014, China’s Everlight Securities in 2015, and Vietnam’s Dragon Capital in 2016 to expand its global business network. It has sold a fund worth USD 117 million to Japanese investors through Aizawa Securities in 2010 and 2011. It offers stock trading services to local investors in Japan, China (Shenzhen–Hong Kong Stock Connection / Shanghai–Hongkong Stock Connection), and the United States. In addition, it has successfully listed an American company, Access Bio, and a Chinese company, Organic Ti Cosmetics, on the KOSDAQ in 2013 and in 2016, respectively.

Aiming to become the best partner for small- and medium-sized companies, Eugene Investment & Securities’ IB division, maintains its top position in terms of the number of cases under its management in the equity capital market and has organized the listing of excellent local companies on the KOSDAQ such as FNC Entertainment in 2014 and ST Pharm in 2016. It was selected as a “Financial Investment Company Specialized for Small and Medium Business” by the Financial Services Commission in 2016 and was awarded the “Letter of Appreciation for the Contributions to the KOSDAQ Market Business” by the Korea Exchange in 2014.

Eugene Investment & Securities is exerting its utmost efforts to provide a more reliable and convenient trading system to customers. MTS “NEW SMART Champion,” which was launched in 2016, is recognized as the best IT technology in terms of stability and convenience and given the “UI/UX Innovation Grand Prize” in the Smart App Awards organized by the Korea Internet Professional Association. Eugene Investment & Securities has obtained the “Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification” from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and the Korea Internet & Security Agency in 2014, acquiring the certification for the protection, management, and operation of customer information.

Eugene Asset Management

Founded in 1989, Eugene Asset Management has gained a solid portfolio and reputation as a comprehensive asset management company by operating various fund packages such as investment in NPL, real estates, special assets (ship and movie), private equity, as well as traditional stocks and bonds. In addition, it is recognized for its excellence in asset management because it has generated stable returns in equity-type and bond-type funds, as well as selected as a fiduciary management company for the national pension. Eugene Asset Management always strives to maximize the profitability of its customers based on its accumulated know-how and systematic risk management.

Eugene Investment & Futures

Founded in 1991, Eugene Investment & Futures is a key financial company that represents the industry of financial derivatives. It offers specialized financial services that secures various profit sources, including domestic futures, overseas products, and product management, because it employs financial experts with ample experiences and knowledge on the financial markets at home and abroad and an effective investment system. As a leading investment partner for derivatives, Eugene Investment & Futures will keep its tradition and pride by offering distinguished services to customers in a rapidly changing financial environment

Eugene Private Equity

Mainly targeting promising companies with long-term growth potential, Eugene PE aims to provide stable profits to investors in the age of low growth with more sophisticated and creative financial solutions. Eugene PE will be committed to maximizing the returns for investors by putting priority on raising the value of investing companies in the future

Eugene Savings Bank

Since its foundation in 1972, Eugene Savings Bank has grown into a reliable financial partner for the working-class people for 45 years. Making a stable progress while leading change and innovation for savings banks with the development of various financial product portfolio, Eugene Savings Bank has ranked fifth in assets (KRW 2,085.6 billion) as of the end of the third quarter of 2017, sixth in operating profit, and sixth in net income for the term. In 2015, the company reached the number one spot among 79 savings banks, with a net profit of KRW 80.8 billion, and ranked fourth in the comprehensive evaluation of savings banks conducted by Korea Finance Consumer Federation in 2017.

Having grown into a friendly financial institution for the working class, Eugene Savings Bank will be the most trustworthy bank through transparent management and differentiated financial products that fit the development of related technologies.

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