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Korea Logistics

Founded in 1997, Korea Logistics is a leading logistics company specializing in domestic transport, international transport, and 3PL total logistics services. The company operates a nationwide network, including 23 transportation bases and its own warehouses in Yeoju and Cheonan, and deals with importing and exporting via aircraft and ships. It has five transportation subsidiaries, including Korea, Daejeon, Gyeongin, Busan, and Jungbu Logistics. The number of vehicles dedicated to the company has increased to 2, 587 units (as of August 2017), which contribute to increasing the values of its major clients, such as Coca-Cola, Homeplus, Hyundai Wia, Hyundai Mobis, Samyang Corp., Logen Corp., etc., through its own transportation system, KLOS, which was upgraded in December 2016. It will showcase a more differentiated nonstop logistics service system through advanced IT technologies and a systematic warehouse management system.

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Great Innovation , Great Company
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Eugene IT Service

Eugene IT Services was established in December 2014 in order to provide more professional and systematic IT services to the group’s new business areas as well as existing ones as the importance of IT was on the rise in a rapidly changing business environment. Based on its excellent technologies and product quality in various business areas, including SI/SM, the development and distribution of IT solutions, and the operation of IT infrastructure, it exerts every effort to create added values for customers outside through external projects, as well as offers internal support for the group.

It will also strive to grow into a global IT company, driving its growth engine by exploring new business models and pioneering more foreign markets based on its own solutions.

Great Innovation , Great Company
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