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Contributions to Public Good

Social Responsibility

Nanum Lotto
Nanum Lotto is a lottery business management company which is creating a culture of contributing to the common good and offering entertainment through lotteries. Nanum Lotto has run an integrated lottery asset management business over the last seven years, thereby accumulating advanced lottery IT capabilities, while firmly establishing the perception among the public that lotteries contribute to common good while being a popular form of entertainment.

Its key products include Nanum Lotto6/45, a type of online lottery, four kinds of print lotteries and seven kinds of internet lotteries.

Great Innovation , Great Company
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Sosa Eugene Welfare Foundation
EUGENE founded a social welfare corporation called Sosa Eugene Welfare Foundation in order to generate a social return. The foundation opened the Eugene Childcare Center, which improves the well-being of our homes and society by offering quality education to children from socially marginalized families.

Great Innovation , Great Company
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Andang Academic Scholarship Foundation
EUGENE Group founded the Andang Academic Scholarship Foundation in 2007, thereby contributing to the education of talented individuals and promoting research and education. The foundation will continue to contribute to society by training leaders capable of managing in the globalized era and sparing no effort in investing in research and development.

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