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Purunsol GC Pocheon(Eugene Lotech)

Purunsol GC Pocheon is the most accessible golf course in the northern part of the capital area. It is a nature-friendly area with the longest course, with 27 holes and an altitude of 500 m. Holes with nature and artificial elements in a great harmony, trees, and colorful flowers make the place the best golf course in the world. It is an award-winning golf course that has been selected as one of the 10 best golf courses in terms of customer satisfaction and the top 10 club house restaurants for its prestigious club house and exceptional service.

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Purunsol GC Jangseong(Donghwa Enterprise)

Created in an eco-friendly way, Purunsol GC Jangseong, which has 27 holes, is the most prestigious golf club in the Honam region. It is made up of three courses that can be enjoyed in a picturesque landscape.

Each course is designed to help golfers show their fullest performance. In particular, a course where players can feel comfortable while playing along the lake, a course where golfers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of a mountain and a lake while playing, and a hill course that require players to show their strategic skills and cool nerves are drawing positive responses from golfers.

As a daily sport, golf has been attracting attention because it improves people’s quality of life and increases people’s interests in leisure activities, accounting for a large share in the sports industry. As a result of such change, Purunsol GC will play a leading role in fostering golf as a new growth engine that leads the development and popularization of the sports industry.

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Nanum Lotto

Nanum Lotto is a business management company that is creating a culture that contributes to the common good and offers entertainment through lotteries. It was commissioned for Korea’s online lottery business by the Lottery Commission of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance in August 2007 and reselected as a commissioned operator for an integrated lottery asset management business in August 2013. Its key products include Nanum Lotto 6/45, a type of online lottery, Pension Lottery 520, Scratch-off Lottery (Speetto 2000, Speetto 1000, and Speetto 500), and seven kinds of Internet-based lotteries (Power Ball, Mega Bingo, Triple Luck, Treasure Hunter, Speed Keno, Double Jack Midas, and Catch Me).

Over the past 10 years, the amount of lottery tickets it has issued have increased by an annual average of 4.8%, and its fund raising activities has also been expanded so that it could contribute to the society. In addition, Nanum Lotto has been striving to improve its systems by introducing and implementing various lottery policies. With many years of experience, it could build certified lottery-related technologies because it has developed, operated, and maintained lottery systems.

In September 2017, the World Lottery Association (WLA) recognized Nanum Lotto as a fourth-level accredited lottery operator in Responsible Gaming Framework (RGF). RGF is the world’s only international standard certification system that evaluates the operational integrity of the lottery and gaming industries. Out of the 245 member companies of WLA, only 49, including those from the UK, France, and Canada, acquired RGF Level 4.

Nanum Lotto strives to determine the best practices and lottery policies in the world through the international cooperation and spread them to the local lottery industry in the future. In addition, it will faithfully carry out the purpose of the business, that is, “lottery as a healthy leisure activity,” while focusing on the “public contribution of lotteries” as the highest value.

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Eugene M

In November, 2003, Eugene M has secured 60 digital audio channels in Korea and introduced digital cable broadcasting and audio broadcasting systems through satellite DMB. Since then, it has expanded its business boundaries by planning, producing, and investing in performances and brought various family shows such as “Little Bus Tayo”, “Mini Force,” and “Pink Fong and Shark Family,” etc.

Eugene M is enlarging its business scope through marketing business and F&B business and by providing distinctive services. The marketing team has secured a position as a comprehensive communication company, and its business fields are wide ranging, that is, from advertising planning and production, outdoor advertising, content planning and production including POP advertising and promotional materials, production and construction of signboards, to sales promotion (SP).

Based on its various know-how on the food and beverage businesses, the F&B Division offers a customized food service to 33 institutions, two golf clubs, and one training institute. As such, Eugene M is involved in various business fields, such as performance, broadcasting, advertising, and F&B and establishes itself as a comprehensive communication company.

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