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Concrete Technology Research Institute(R&D Center)

Founded in 1995, the Concrete Technology Research Institute was the first R&D center in the concrete industry. It has been discovering and developing various materials and researching on how to use them, with an aim to improve product capacity, as well as develop new products and environmentally friendly concrete. The institute’s fantastic achievements include 163 published papers, 39 patents (including two that are currently being examined by the patent office), and 100 case studies (government-invested research, joint studies, and independent studies).

Over the last five years, it has been playing a leading role in the development of eco-friendly technologies, such as securing the technology to commercialize low-carbon emission RMC, by participating in the research project to commercialize the technology for ‘the high-volume mineral admixture (HVMA) RMC with high-strength’ by the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement.

Record of Major Awards

1996 Silver Tower Award at the 23rd National Quality Management Convention
2002 Grand Prize in the RMC sector at Korean Standards Grand Prize
2005 KS-QEI Quality Excellence Award
2006 KS-QEI Quality Excellence Award (consecutively winning two times)
KS Certification Grand Prize in product quality innovation on Standard Day
2007 KS-QEI Quality Excellence Award in concrete industry (consecutively winning thress times)
Chairman’s Commendation for Technology of National Merit
2008 KS Certification Grand Prize from the Minister of Knowledge adn Economy for its environment-friendly products
2009 Award in Innovation at Concrete Technology Competition
2012 Civil Engineering Grand Prize from the Korean Society of Civil Engineers (in the sector of construction materials)
2013 Excellence Published Paper Award and Technology Award, being selected as excellent research by the Korean Recycled Resource Insitute
2014 Excellence Published Paper Award, being selected as excellent research by the Korean Recycled Resource Institute
Award in Construction Materials at the Eco-Friendly Construction Industry Awards
2015 Award in for its contribution to technology development at the Concrete Technology Competition
KS Cerification Gradn Prize from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy
Excellence Published Paper Award, being selected by the Korean Society of Road Engineers as an excellent research
2017 Award by the Minister of Environment at Eco-Friendly Construction Awards
Great Innovation , Great Company
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Nanum Lotto Lottery Laboratory

Since its establishment in July 1, 2014, the Nanum Lotto Lottery Research Center has played a pivotal role in the research and development of the Korean lottery industry. The center concentrates its capabilities on collecting and accumulating major lottery data at home and abroad and developing technology. Beginning with a project to lighten the localization system for online lotteries, it has been making a myriad of achievements, including collecting and distributing weekly lottery trends and developing print and Internet-based lottery products. It will strengthen its expertise in R&D in the lottery industry by establishing a system that closely cooperates with the government, the internal advisory committee, and the academia.

Eugene EnerFarm Technology Institute

Eugene EnerFarm has been running a technology research institute since it was established in January 2013. Focusing on efficiently improving the demand and supply paradigm for electricity through energy storage devices, Eugene EnerFarm carries out research and development in the fields of battery, power conversion, and energy management through its technical research institute. In addition, it is helping Eugene’s technological advancement into the overseas market by commercializing technology, building a cooperation network with the academia, and establishing a long-term strategic partnership with leading local and overseas institutions. Eugene Enerfam Technology Research Institute will continue to drive the growth engine by developing technologies and products such as sensing assemblies for energy storage devices, battery modules, and large-capacity energy storage devices in the future.

Major Research Achievements

2013 Development of 5kWh independent ESS Development of 100kWh BESS Development of unidirectional and bidirectional Active Balancers
2014 Development of 10kWh BESS Development of E3SN-M125 for technology distribution and E500 products Registered a patent for energy sorage system containers Registered a patent for energy storage system containing heat-transmission oil Applied for a PTC international patent for a storage system containing heat-transmission oil

History of Eugene EnerFarm Technology Institute

2013 Established Eugene EnerFarm Signed an MOU with Plaspo Signed an MOU with RTC / registered its affiliated research institute (in April) Signed a letter of intent with Lishen Battery of China
2014 Signed a confidential disclosure agreement with US Parker Registered 10 kWh BESS products with the Korea Institute of Energy Research Signed a mutual nondisclosure agreement width US IDEAL Power Selected as a supplier of ESS 21MW for the Saemangeum Microgrid Project Joined the Korea Battery Industry Association and the Korea Smart Grid Association
Great Innovation , Great Company
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Eugene Human Resources Development Center

Talented human resources are the source of the Eugene’s growth and a critical momentum to lead new days in the future. Eugene established the Eugene Human Resources Development Center in July 1, 2011, to nurture talented individuals in a systematic way. It provides Eugene’s employees with various learning solutions and programs that help them grow into experts in each area, as well as the group’s visions and strategies. The center is comprised of three lecture halls to accommodate a total of 300 people, a lodge where 60 people can stay at the same time, a roof-top garden, a lounge, and others, to train “Eugene People” who pursue the key values of being proactive, creative, and reliable. Approximately 480 programs, including various training programs and events, have been carried out with 18,300 employees trained so far to realize the future talents of the company.

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