CSR - 유진그룹

PR Center

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hope Sharing Committee

Eugene has been conducting various CSR activities to pursue its management philosophy of becoming “a company that creates new values and contributes to human society together with a creative and talented workforce”. It launched the Hope Sharing Committee in July 2018, laying the foundation for systematic CSR activities and conducting activities on a differentiated level by taking advantage of its business expertise.

In November 2018, Eugene launched the “Song of Hope” project as part of its CSR campaign. “Song of Hope” is a program for enhancing the residential environment of the marginalized class in society and giving them more hope through the support of Eugene’s key businesses in construction materials and distribution. The program aims to create households full of hope and play hopeful songs together with its neighbors.

With the lead of the Hope Sharing Committee, the entire Eugene group will stay true to its social responsibilities while ceaselessly pursuing various CSR activities to contribute to the happiness of society as a whole.

Eugene Welfare Foundation

Eugene established the Sosa Eugene Welfare Foundation in 1996 to return corporate profits to the society. It provides quality educational and protection services for children of low-income families or those with disabilities according to the purpose of its foundation. At the same time, as a social welfare establishment, it also exerts efforts to support families with disabled children and multicultural families.

In June 1998, Eugene Nursery School was established in Bucheon as a nursing home for children with a moderate or severe level of disability. Since 2003, children without disabilities were also admitted to the center to help children with disabilities build a sense of confidence and educate the former against social prejudice. In addition, “Visiting a Friend’s House”, a part of the community adjustment program, teaches children with disabilities how to get along with their peers while teaching children without disabilities the importance of consideration for others and community spirit. In 2010, it donated a second Eugene Childcare Center for faculty members and graduate students in Yonsei University, contributing to establishing a place of high-quality education for children and enhancing the welfare of families and society.

Andang Academic Scholarship Foundation

Eugene is actively engaged in social contribution activities as it challenges new businesses. This is in line with its management philosophy of “becoming a great company that creates new values and makes valuable contributions to the society through creative talent.” Eugene focused on nurturing talented individuals as a way to contribute to the society and established the Andang Academic Scholarship Foundation in 2007. It is conducting research and scholarship projects for its long-term goal of fostering talented people and strengthening its R&D capabilities. Contributing to the development of academic circles by donating for research funds, disseminating research materials, and supporting scholarship, it will continue to cultivate human resources who will lead the global era and support research and development.

Sponsorship for sports

Eugene is also committed to building a healthy society culture through sports. It has continued to sponsor one of the unpopular sports games, the triathlon competition while contributing to the sports welfare for the underprivileged, such as sponsoring the International e-Sports Federation for the Differently Abled. In addition, it is actively involved in sponsoring international sports events such as the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics, 2014 Incheon Asian Game, 2013 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Incheon.

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